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Soshite Watashi Wa Sensei Ni OVA 3


Kanna is subdued by her master and his impressive meaty member in the bathroom in the morning.

She was relieved that her teacher and soon-to-be stepfather wouldn’t harass her during exams today, but he surprises her by shoving his penis into her mouth to force her to give him fellatio. Kanna tried to get rid of it because her classmates were around, however, the only one who witnessed what happened was Mei, her best friend who introduced her to the world of gyaru.

After that embarrassing scene, Mei taunts Kanna on the rooftop, showing her true intentions.

A serious girl who becomes a gyaru, is caught to be disciplined. While the teacher is about to become their father, other changes are about to take place in their lives.

Date: June 11, 2023

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