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Maid Kyouiku Botsuraku Kizoku Rurikawa Tsubaki OVA 1


The celebrated noble family of Rurikawa has fallen… His daughter, Tsubaki, a peerless magnificence, is taken in by Lord Poiman, a powerful aristocrat, and begins a model new life. However, she is taken in as his distinctive “servant.” Despite being in a situation where she will not be able to resist, Tsubaki behaves bravely so as not to lose the pleasure of the nobility. However, she is completely tormented, polluted, and mercilessly etched with undesirable ecstasy through the perverted “maiden education” of her hand. In order to become a full-fledged “servant”, Tsubaki, the daughter of the fallen nobleman, Rurikawa, keeps falling without limits.…

Date: August 6, 2023

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